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Holds To The Life (thumbnail) Becoming One With (Fifty-Five) (thumbnail) Be Here Now, Then (thumbnail) What We Found There (thumbnail) Name It (thumbnail) The Rhyme Waits For Us (thumbnail) Sweetly Transfigure (thumbnail) From Out Of The Valley (thumbnail) Pillar To Pile (thumbnail) Rebuild (thumbnail) Opening Books (thumbnail) Over The Seas (thumbnail) Pass Through (thumbnail) Reveal (thumbnail) Thinking Chair (thumbnail) Cellar Door (thumbnail) Gliding In (thumbnail) Blessed Vessel (thumbnail) Coming Through Clear (thumbnail) Concentration (thumbnail) Fulton Street (thumbnail) Gathered Among the Reeds (thumbnail) Transfigured Night (thumbnail) Won't Be Denied (thumbnail) Stone Things Broken (thumbnail) Throw Shadows (thumbnail) As The Grief It Is (thumbnail) On The Wire (thumbnail) The Bird That Flutters (thumbnail) Walking The Garden (thumbnail) What Is Found Now (thumbnail) Wherever With You (thumbnail)
Holds To The Life (large view)
Holds To The Life
48" H x 72" W